this is me

Hi and welcome to my blog…

I am Maartje van Caspel, photographer, designer, aspiring vector artist and lover of tinkering.
On this Blog I am planning to share all the different things I do:
Sometimes I will just show new and nice projects, sometimes I will do it more tutorial-style and hopefully teach you a thing or two.
I will also offer freebies, like textures and brushes and simple vector shapes, that fit the projects I have written about.

A bit about my background: I studied (old school.) photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. In my last year I also started doing graphic design at the same academy in the evenings.
After that, I started an intern ship at Metadesign in Berlin, and kept working there for two years. I mainly did book- and magazine covers for Springer and larger Corporate design projects (Boehringer/ Volkswagen) there.

We went back to Holland, where I worked at Teldesign for a while, but ‘soon’ after, we started our family, and I made webdesign my main/partime job.
I did this on a freelance basis, but also had two jobs at companies that made big CMS for their clients in Lotus Notes. I was the ‘asset’ maker there, and did everything that was ‘visual’.

At some point I started a greenscreen event photography business with my father (it was called van Caspel & Vdr :D ) for which we needed backgrounds and so we discovered (back in 2002/2003)
That is how my stock photography career started. I am still doing it, with lots of fun and passion. (but sadly not with the financial rewards anymore…)
I have portfolios also at Getty Images & (only RM there)

Anyway, here is to new times and new ways! Lets have some fun and never hesitate to ask me questions, if ever you do not understand something.
And also not unimportant, I am taking on all sorts of assignments, small, big, challenging or simple, bring it on!

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