Christmas Paper Ornaments

Christmas season is already booming as far as stock downloads are concerned. Time to produce some new files.
I wanted to to a photo of christmas paper ornaments on a wooden background.
But really did not feel like cutting out the more difficult shapes.
Plus I wanted to come up with a system, that would make me produce more ‘photos’ much quicker.

So I decided to look for some tutorials that might teach me how to produce a paper effect in either photoshop or illustrator.
I quickly found this nice Tutorial over at

I mainly use tutorials to get the general idea, and then just go and do ‘my thing’ with them.

For this result, I went over to Illustrator and made me some ornaments:

The snowflake I made with the help of a fantastic plug-in called: MirrorMe
(It is sadly not free, but if you use Illustrator a lot: worth it.)

Took a simple photo of my wooden background:
Then a photo of some crumbled paper:
(You can download this over at my Freebies section, so you can experiment with it)

Brought all together in Photoshop and started doing the work:
(That a look at the Tutorial, to understand what it involves /create-a-realistic-folded-paper-effect-in-photoshop/)
and done! Hope you like it :)

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