Emojis for ello: ellojis

I am on ello now for about a week now.
It is exciting and new, confusing and cool. You can find me here: @mypiximix
Everybody, me included, has been talking a lot about the nice minimalistic design of it. Of course there are some naysayers, who are not happy with all the white space, or the font choice, or anything else, for that matter. Me personaly, I like it a lot. It gives room for the work, words and thoughts of the contributors.

BUT! those standard emojis!
Cute as they maybe be, in any other design, on ello they hurt my eyes.
They just do not fit. So I made us some new ones.
Hand-drawn, simple yet cute, little ellojis.
I converted them to vector to make them a bit smoother (and more flexible for me to work with)
Then saved them all separately as 64/64px transparent .pngs.
(I believe normally that is the size they would be on the server, but they are being scaled down when we post them.)
Since I have no control over all that, I am uploading them here halfsize, for you to copy and paste into your posts or comments.
I (or maybe one of you?) will try to come up with a more practical solution. IF there is any interest in them. hehe.

On this awesome ello cheat-sheet that I found on the interwebs, I found out how to embed images from external sources:

If you want to use my cuties, all you need to do is copy and paste the code (ALL of it!) that is behind every elloji

happy ![happy](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/happy01.png)
bigsmile ![bigsmile](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/happy02.png)
laughing ![laughing](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/happy04.png)
cool ![cool](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/cool.png)
wink ![wink](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/wink.png)
tongue ![tongue](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/tongue.png)
angry ![angry](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/angry01.png)
shout ![shout](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/shout.png)
confused ![confused](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/confused.png)
surprised ![surprised](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/surprised.png)
sad ![sad](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/sad01.png)
wtf ![wtf](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/wtf.png)
cry ![cry](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/sad02.png)
kiss01 ![kiss01](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/kiss01.png)
kiss02 ![kiss02](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/kiss02.png)
love ![love](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/love.png)
thinking ![thinking](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/thinking.png)
tired ![tired](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/tired.png)
dead ![dead](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/dead.png)
heart01 ![heart01](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/heart01.png)
heart02 ![heart02](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/heart02.png)
heartcolor ![heartcolor](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/heartcolor.png)
heartbr_red ![heartbr_red](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/heartBrcolor.png)
heartbrk01 ![heartbrk01](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/heartbreak01.png)
heartbrk02 ![heartbrk02](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/heartbreak02.png)
peace ![peace](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/peace.png)
anarchy ![anarchy](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/anarchy.png)
zzz ![zzz](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/zzz.png)
coffee ![coffee](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/coffee.png)
cake ![cake](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/cake.png)
ashtray ![ashtray](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/ashtray.png)
cigi ![cigi](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/cigi.png)
toilet ![toilet](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/toilet.png)
cake02 ![cake02](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/cake02.png)
bread ![bread](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/bread.png)
wine ![wine](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/wine.png)
bottle ![bottle](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/bottle.png)
flowers ![flowers](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/flowers.png)
gift ![gift](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/gift.png)
thumbsup ![thumbsup](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/thumbsup.png)
clap ![clap](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/clap.png)
peacefinger ![peacefinger](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/peacefinger.png)
I-L-U ![I-L-U](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/ILU.png)
thumbsdown ![thumbsdown](http://www.piximix.me/ellojis/thumbsdown.png)

Last but not least I am posting a nice little cheat-sheet for you to ‘pin’ and ‘post’ where you like :) (<hui! what kind of a emoji is that?!)