It is a Doggy


Since making money only with stock photos nowadays is not so easy, I started doing vectors.
The basics of Illustrator and vectors where already well known to me.
But it is a whole different ballgame, if you are doing it in order to upload the files to agencies.
I am learning, doing tutorials, trying out lots of styles AND having lots of fun with it.
Usually I start out by sketching ideas and then ‘transfer’ them into vectors.
And usually, the vectors do not end up ANYTHING like my sketches ;)

Here’s a little doggy I did:

wuff02 wuff03
























If you want to, you can license the Doggy here:
Poor Sick Doggy on






  1. Hey this blog is already looking TOTALLY awesome! Professional!
    We will make one for me too, you can’t say no! :D

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