Learning new things: Vector

My last year has been all about learning new things.
On a personal level as well as in my work…

One of the new things I started, is learning Adobe Illustrator better. I already used it a bit, when ever I needed elements to use in some of my photo composites, but I never made vector files/illustrations, just for the sake of it.

A while ago, I took some weeks ‘off’ to get the hang of it.
And I must say that I fell in love! I wished I could spend much more time on it. But as it is, I have still not succeeded in splitting myself up into all the different persons I would like to be ;)

Anyway it has been interesting to see what is selling (over on the diverse stock selling sites, for example on shutterstock) and what is not.

I spend hours and hours and hours making the spring scene: And it is not really taking off.
The hand drawn cute little seamless patterns, where much easier: Draw, take photo, vectorize, make seamless: done. They sell! :)

learning vector

Just thought I would share, plus I did say: I am an aspiring vector artist ;)

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