Learning vs. Productivity

Knowledge is of no Value unless you put it into Practice
Anton Chekov

Sunday Inspiration:
About how Learning new things takes away from your Productivity. And how to deal with that…

Knowledge is of no Value unless you put it into Practice, Anton Chekov
How? I do not know yet myself wink

I just know that the time I am taking to learn, read, watch tutorials and try out new things is very important for me and my growth.
At the same time I am aware, I must still be productive. Probably it is time for some serious Schedule and List making!
Getting a routine in place again, where I make time for all the different things I want to do, so I can do them all, without the need to feel guilty.

This is not a field I excel in. To say the least. But since I am dead set on keeping my learning phase going, while still being productive, I shall have to.
Maybe some of these apps can help me (and you) to become more organized and focused?

44 Apps That Turn Your Smartphone Into a Productivity Powerhouse

Anyway, today it is sunday, time for play, time for family, time for fun!
Wishing you all a very happy one :*


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