Minimal Christmas Tree

I had this picture in mind:
a very simple, ‘cardboard’ kind of christmas tree, leaning against a bare wall. Just that, nothing more nothing less.

But like with my Christmas paper ornaments, I did not feel like making it for real.
First off, it had to be rather big to achieve the right effect, and second, I also want to do more complex shapes, like snowflakes and gifts with bows.
Over in Illustrator I used the fabulous 3D functionality to add some depth to a drawing I made earlier from a Christmas tree.

In my apartment I took a photo of a bare wall and a piece of the floor.

Then brought the two together in photoshop. Added shadows, a bit of light and toning. I did not really had to do a whole lot more to it, as the whole idea was, to keep it simple.

Funny fact: In the process of making this picture, I was designing shadows in Illustrator. Suddenly this picture appeared:
It was not what I set out to do. But maybe in the end, I like this one even better than the photo-illustration!
It does not really matter though. I think both have the right to exist.
I am sure I will continue playing around with making photo-illustration in this style.
Looking forward to see where this will evolve into.

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