Perseverance and Hanging on

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sunday Inspiration:
About Perseverance and Hanging on.
about Perseverance

If you try to reach something, a new goal or make a change to something you have been doing almost all your life, usually the start is quite easy.

It is all SO exciting, or SO difficult, that you focus all your energy on the task at hand. But after a while, you will hit some bumps in the road.
It might get really difficult, or maybe the success you are expecting, will not happen as quickly as you had hoped for.

You might even reach the end of your rope at times.
Your energy is drained and it is hard to keep up your positive attitude.

That is the time for perseverance and hanging on.
Remind yourself of the goals you have, what it IS you set out to reach. Almost nothing worth having, was gathered overnight. It will take work. Lots of it.

Try to see the little achievements you have made along the way! Rejoice them. Be proud and keep going!

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