Social Connections

I am working on some ‘photos’ to use as illustrations for social connections, friends and network themes. For this purpose I took some portraits of my son and his lovely Girlfriend <3

At the beginning I thought I might make this post into a real tutorial, but I am using so many steps in the process, I think I will rather make some separate tuts later, to show all the different steps in detail.
If any of you have interest or questions about anything, ask me, and I will respond! Btw, I added a vector .eps file, of the ‘friends-Icons’ I made and used in this project, to the Freebies Section of my blog.

Here is what I did in the ‘short version’, just to get an idea.

1. First I shot some portraits on a ‘greenscreen’
Isolate that by using ‘select color range’, tweak tweak > make mask > tweak tweak the mask, etc. etc.
2. Refine Mask, to make the selection as good as possible.
3. then take xtra good care of the hairs (still a major hassle when isolating)
4. But in the end, we will get there.
5. Added a background, which I wanted to have the same color tone as Facebook has, cause, well, that was the ‘theme’
6. Head over to illustrator, make some ‘friends’ icons, map them on a globe, etc.
If you want to map things on a globe, you can read about it here, that is what I did some time ago:

7. I just Copy/Paste my illustrator over to photoshop and ‘place’ them.
For this I did about 4 different ‘renders’ for the fore- and background, with and without motionblur, etc.
8. Add some depth, by using bevel and emboss in PS, hell yeah! I am not afraid to use drop shadows either! ;)

Then we are about done.
I know this is far from a tutorial, it is more meant to give you an idea of what is possible
(and of course of what I can do. ;) ) As today is my sons birthday, this is all for today, tomorrow I will decide if I am really ready with this picture; I might tweak and twist a bit more… (knowing me, I probably will.)

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