The little People Project


Sometimes photos look so easy to make, and it is hard to imagine the work that has gone into producing them.
I think the same goes for my little colorful people photos. We had this idea of making a series of conceptual shots with little ‘paper cut-out people’
Seeing that I did not have them, the first task at hand was to make me some.
I decided to make them not  from paper but from foam rubber.
This would give them more dimension and help making them stand up.
(Which was a big worry for me, how the hell do I make these people do what I want them to? ;) More about this later… )

I needed to design a little dude, and reproduce him. I made a template out of cardboard and started tracing and cutting out all the different colors.
Lets call it a nice meditative job. Here you can download a simple vector of the little man:


After this was done, I started thinking about how to make them stand up, in such a way that I would not ruin my background, and could ‘easily’ change the scenarios.
Quickly I came up with the idea to use sugar glue for this task. And it worked! But a steady hand and patience was needed.
mamatwork2 mamatwork
Now it was time to shoot.
I did tons and tons and tons of photos with them. For most I decided to use a pretty heavy back light to produce a nice shadow in order to make the photos more alive.
I used a softbox as a fill in and a spot with grid for the shadows.

But this post is more about the tinkering and making things yourself if you do not want to buy them, and coming up with creative and easy solutions, not so much about how I use my strobes.
I hope this might have given you some ideas!

Group of Little People, Leader in front of the Team


  1. Looks fun.

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