A rainbow in the City

The last few weeks I have been hunting for colors in Berlin, because I wanted to try and create an Urban Rainbow:

Urban Rainbow ColorsI had such fun doing it; that I think I will just keep collecting and in the end make a color palette that will flow from one color into the other!
Not yet sure what that version will look like though, maybe build it up a bit more like the color picker?
colorpickerI am still a little bit confused about what colors exactly belong in a standard rainbow, but hE!? I am an artist. So I have some freedom. For a start I took Newtons standard colors.
And just tried to fit in whatever I have found.

I made a Pinterest Board and filled it up with my Urban Berlin Colors!
(It only works when you have it at 7 pins width though.)

Hope you will enjoy the colors as much as I do <3

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